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What is photo fab?

Make your precious piece into silk fabric

The best piece, a piece of memory, a piece of your precious piece, made into a one-of-a-kind silk fabric...
Why not make memories of your precious pet into silk fabric using traditional Kyoto techniques?
The luster and depth unique to silk fabric, which is different from the photo, will be delivered framed.

How to make

PHOTOFAB production process

The process to create a photo fab takes about two weeks. *The example image is a memorial photo fab of a beloved dog who went to heaven in 2022.

Kyoto traditional Nishijin textile

A long-established machine shop in Nishijin, Kyoto

Founded in the 4th year of Keio, at the end of the Edo period. Daito is a long-established machine shop in Kyoto with a long history. We use the technology we have cultivated over many years to design each piece in detail.
We weave one-of-a-kind silk fabrics using the skill of veteran craftsmen.

Photofab size

PHOTOFAB has 2 sizes.

The width that a rapier loom can weave varies depending on the loom. Therefore, there are two sizes: a regular size with a weave width of 12cm (outer frame: 270mm x 255mm) and a large size with a weaving width of 24cm (outer frame: 446mm x 370mm). The regular size 12cm is woven in Nishijin, Kyoto, and the special width 24cm is woven in Tango, Kyoto.

Delicate technology


If you zoom in on PhotoFab, you can clearly see that it is woven using a mixture of six different colors of weft yarn. The warp and weft threads intertwine to create a deep painting-like finish. It has a depth that cannot be achieved with printing, and a glossy feel that is unique to silk.

picture frame

Luxury picture frame [Sakura triangle]

Old-fashioned triangular design. A simple and timeless picture frame. The frame color is black, which is easy to match with your room, and the matte color is a light cream.

Frame color: Black
matte color: cream (thickness: 2.5mm)
Surface: UV cut acrylic sheet (thickness: 2mm)
Made in Japan


At times like this, PHOTOFAB

Turn a special photo of your favorite dog or cute cat into a photo fab.
Create a memorial photo fab of your unforgettable companion who has departed for heaven.
Why not turn the best photos you want to keep into a photo fab?

*Please note that PhotoFab is not printed, but woven using one color of warp thread and six colors of weft thread, so the color may not be the same as the actual image.


Only one PhotoFab in the world

Photo Fab is produced in【NISHIJIN-ORI】in Kyoto.