Give form to your memories. Memorial Photo Fab ~Pomex Chip-chan~

in Aug 24, 2022

Hello. This time, I would like to introduce Memorial Photo Fab.

Memorial Photo Fab is a photo fab where you can display the lively images of your dog, cat, or other beloved family pet in Nishijin-ori, and display them in your home along with their memories.
It is possible to process your photo into an image and weave it with a name, paw stamp, etc.
You can edit the photos that you have taken with your feelings to your heart's content.

At Memorial Photo Fab, we would like to introduce Chip-chan, who we have worked with for 16 years, together with our representative, Inoue.

Chip-chan departed on Saturday, July 2 , 2022 at 14:50 .

I turned 16 on my birthday, May 31st , and it seemed like just the other day that I was celebrating with my family.
Around mid- June , I lost my appetite, and when I went to the hospital for tests, I was diagnosed with multiple organ failure.
Since then, we have been praying for his recovery through intravenous drips, but these have not had any effect, and since the end of June , he has continued to care for his condition at home with no hope of recovery.
Chip could have left at any time, but when I told him the day my daughter and son would be back, Chip kept shouting, even though he had been unable to make a sound. It seems that he was trying his best to endure the pain by speaking out loud.

Chip seemed relieved to see the whole family together, and he departed peacefully as everyone watched.
I'm sure they were waiting for the whole family to be together.

Apparently, he gave her a funeral and had her paw stamp taken.
They are my precious family who have always been by my side and have spent many seasons together. I feel like this is an event that is hard to let go of and hard to accept.


Chip-chan will live on in our hearts forever, but the representative decided to create a memorial photo fab because he thought it was important to preserve him in something tangible.
I decided to take a smiling photo of Chip when he was alive and edit it with his name and shading of his paws to make it into a photo fab.

The finished product has sparkling fur and a cute expression that is exactly as it was when it was alive.
``I feel like the person next to me is probably looking up at me right now, wanting a snack,'' the representative said to himself.


Nishijin-ori techniques are used to vividly weave the expressions of precious family members during their lifetime.
Each piece is woven slowly and carefully using thin, delicate silk threads.
Each woven Nishijin textile is hand-framed and delivered to you.
The feelings and love put into each photo are carefully woven into the finished product.
This is a memorial photo fab that will shine brightly by your side forever.


Thank you for reading to the end.